Disease Control

• Preventative measures are much more effective and less costly than correction. 

• When nighttime temperatures are expected to be above 70 F with high humidity, it is important to water early enough in the day to allow time after watering for the grass to dry before nightfall. When grass is wet during the night under these conditions the plants will become susceptible to disease. See 'how to water.'

• Apply a lawn disease preventer (fungicide) prior to the start of hot, humid weather, typically mid-June. Read the instructions on the bag. If your sod is installed during hot humid weather, apply fungicide 14 days after the installation.

• Follow these links to The Cooperative Extension at URI for help in identifying diseases (includes pictures) and suggestions on corrective actions to follow. Select “Turf Care” for helpful information on turf grass diseasesturf managementinsect pests, and beneficial insects of turf grasses.