How to Install Sod - DIY

Make certain your site is completely prepared BEFORE having your sod delivered.


Sod can be installed any time of the year. During the summer months lightly water the soil as you install the sod. The roots love cool moist soil. Please be careful to just dampen the soil and TO NOT MAKE MUD!


   (1) Start with a straight edge or just make the first row of sod straight. 

   (2) Every other row should be started with a half piece to create a staggering effect.

   (3) Placing a “border row” around beds and obstacles can be helpful.

   (4) You can “trim” the sod together by overlapping then cutting off the excess with a razor knife or steak knife.


After the sod is installed roll the entire area again to ensure good contact between the underside of the sod and the soil.


On the day you install the sod it is a good idea, especially in the summer, to “sprits” the sod every few minutes with a hand hose as you are installing. After installation is complete water the sod thoroughly until the water saturates the sod pad and is soaking the soil underneath.