Photo Gallery

How sod is grown

Buckwheat is grown as 'green manure' between crops.

The field is plowed to turn the soil.

The field is sprayed with fertilzier and for weed and disease prevention.


More Watering.


Rolling sod before harvesting.

Mowing - every other day.

Quality inspection.

Harvesting small rolls

After 12 months of baby-sitting.

Cutting sod into small pieces.

Small roll harvester.

How it is stacked.

Almost finished.

Dropped and on to the next one.

500 square feet.

Off to the truck.

Loading the truck.

Harvesting big rolls

Cutting the edge of a big roll.

Starting a big roll.

That is 4 feet wide.

We only need 40 for 10,000 sq ft.

Almost there.

Loading the truck.

Covering the load.

Shade protection.

Water-misting tent.

Installing sod

Arriving at your home.

Lime, fertilizer & grub control - on site.

Protecting your curb.

Rolling out big rolls.

Pulling together is a breeze.

Trimming together.

On site pallet placement.

Working together.

Up against the wall.

End user inspection... passed

Rolling out big rolls

Whatever it takes!

Can't stop the rain.

Plywood protects the soil.

Get 'er done.

Unloading small rolls for smaller areas.

Installing small rolls.

Installing small rolls.

At the day's end

A beautiful lawn.

Happy customers.

The satisfaction of a job well done!