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At J. Drake Turf Farm we offer top–quality retail and wholesale sod with personalized service. Each order is harvested the day before delivery and kept fresh in our misting tent to ensure that the best sod is delivered to your site. Established in 1978, this owner-operated company strives to deliver quality products at great prices. Feel free to contact us for more information.


Mature, healthy, premium sod grown from Gold Tag Certified Seed
Bluegrass blend
• Five or more improved varieties
• Full sun or up to 40% shade.
Bluegrass/Fescue Blend
• Lower maintenance
• Full sun or up to 60% shade.
Bluegrass/Fescue/Rye Blend
• Wear tolerant
• Full sun or partial shade
• Big rolls: 4' x 62.5'= 250 sq ft
• Small rolls: 2' x 5' = 10 sq ft. The standard amount per pallet is 500 sq ft (any amount up to 650 sq ft can be loaded on a pallet)

Services - Always promt, courteous, and professional

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